Our Mission

Nurturing Bnei Torah That CAN

At Shaarei Adirim, we empower our Talmidim for lifelong growth by inspiring self- confidence and nurturing life skills.

Values that inspire our

Commitment To Excellence

We believe in our Talmidim.

Beginning with conviction in our Bochurim’s abilities, we set high standards that they ultimately achieve.

We inspire motivation for lifelong growth.

Emphasizing our talmidims’ strengths, we empower them to tackle challenges with confidence.

We are solution- oriented.

Focusing on the individual Talmid, we offer innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

We instill confidence.

Building on their personal successes, our Bochurim apply their capabilities in Yeshiva and beyond.

Our Vision

Achievements that become
stepping stones

In Shiur and in the Classroom

Through engaging shiurim, our Talmidim are motivated to apply themselves and master new concepts with their peers.  

The Results:

Our Bochurim take pride in their achievements and are inspired to excel in all facets of their lives. ​

At Other Opportunities

With real-life scenarios, our Talmidim are challenged to develop a variety of skill sets, along with their individual talents.

The Results:

Our Bochurim master perseverance, responsibility, and problem solving tools that they carry into all areas of personal development.

General Studies

The general studies curriculum at Shaarei Adirim aligns with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) standards. Our program equips our Bochurim with an education that enhances their skills and is practical in their lives. 

Our resource team collaborates with our teachers to differentiate instruction for each student. Utilizing their experience, talent, and expertise, our general studies staff engage our Bochurim and maximize their individual learning experiences. 

Curriculum Overview

9th Grade

English Literature

U.S. History


10th Grade

English Literature

Life Science


11th Grade

English Composition


Business Math

12th Grade

Advanced English Composition

American Civics

Physical Science

Hear From Our Students

What They Say

Shaarei Adirim taps into every Bochur’s strength and this has enabled me to shteig.
Shaarei Adirim provides a unique environment that allows every Bochur to feel comfortable and unintimidated to participate and learn in all areas.
Shaarei Adirim teaches me and my friends how to identify and face personal challenges, and overcome them on our own.
A day

Inside the Yeshiva

7:54 Pre- Shacharis Shiur 

Bochurim receive an incentive for attending a voluntary pre-Shacharis shiur with their Tefillin on. This promotes a smooth transition into Shacharis.

8:00 Shacharis
8:55 Life Skills Shmooze

Daily lessons that focus on various life skills

9:05 Breakfast
9:35 Shiur
11:05-11:40 Recess
12:25 Shiur

An opportunity for our Talmidim to develop their skills and talents, and build their confidence.

2:15Vehaarev Na Seder

Utilizing Reb Dovid Neuman’s world-renowned Gemara program that has ignited a passion for learning in thousands, this seder is a highlight for our Bachurim.

3:15-6:15 General Studies

Our general studies program is fully recognized by the State of Illinois and geared to accommodate all learning styles.

6:20 Supper 
8:00Daily Night Seder/ Weekly Retzufos Seder

The Retzufos Seder includes 20 – 45 minutes of nonstop learning, which our bochurim often extend voluntarily. Each Retzufos Seder is followed by a kiddush and dancing celebrating the accomplishment.


To our warm and inviting dormitories