Rabbi Mordechai Elbaum

Rosh HaMesivta

Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchak Ausband

Rosh Yeshiva/12th Grade

Rabbi Aharon Gaffen

General Studies Principal

Rabbi Shuey Miller

Director of Resources and Student Guidance


Rabbi Paysach Kacev

9th Grade/Sofer

Rabbi Michel Levitansky

10th Grade

Rabbi Yoni Grossman

11th Grade

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Herman


Rabbi Nechemia Breitman

Chumash Rebbe

Mr Jordan Neuman


Mr Yudi Rine

Science/Social Studies

Rabbi Nosson Lederer

General Studies Supervisor

Dr Lenny Frand


Rabbi Jonathan Chapman

Assessment Specialist

Rabbi Yonah Saks

Language Arts

Mr Mitch Rose

Photography Instructor

Rabbi Dovid Rifkind

PE/Electives Coordinator

Mr Jeff Cohen

Woodworking Instructor

Mr Sergei Macias

Krav Maga Instructor

Mr Nourbel Meirmanov

Acrobatics Instructor

Mr Mat Kanter

Music Instructor

Mr Yan Obadyanick

Art Instructor

Mr Yoni Shapiro

Resistance Training

Mr Yedidya Shabat

Healthy Living

Mr Nachman Treisman

Logistics Coordinator

Rabbi Mordechai Paretzky

Business Operations Manager

Mrs Rena Berger

Director of Finance & Administration

Focusing on each Individual Talmid,

Our talented staff create a warm environment that fosters confidence and growth.

Dedicated to our

Bochurim’s success

Mesivta Shaarei Adirim has partnered with Torah Umesorah to offer our staff the newly-released Differentiated Learners Initiative (DLI) course. Under the guidance of Dr. Shmuel Mandelman, DLI  includes multiple series of professional development workshops that focus on various areas of reaching our Talmidim and helping them maximize their potential.

  • Leadership
  • Instruction
  • Learning
  • Differences
  • Social/Emotional, Cognitive, and Development

Workshops are given by leading field experts, including:

  • Rabbi Dr.Hersh Fried
  • Dr. David Pelcovitz
  • Dr. Shmuel Mandelman
  • Rabbi Dr. Zev Brown

Our Director of Resources and Student Guidance, Rabbi Shuey Miller, participates in weekly consultations with Rabbi Dr. Hersh Fried to maximize the benefits of this training and oversee DLI practices best implemented in Shaarei Adirim.